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New Annex Project

The Society started its current museum in 2008 at 112 W. Fourth Street. Since that time we have experienced much success with new exhibits and programs. It would not have been possible without the help of donations and artifacts that make us a free and great place to visit and learn. Our Genealogy Department is in constant use by people all over the US who have roots in our area. One of our greatest achievements is designing programs for the students at Minster Schools with the hope that they too will continue to make Minster great through another generation.

On August 1, 2017, we were fortunate to purchase the former Mel’s Decorating building adjacent to us at the corner of Fourth and Frankfort Streets. We have been out of space for several years. Our goal is to connect the two buildings with a “Hall of Honor” behind our newly created Heritage Park. This new space will double our “permanent” display of artifacts, give us a better working area, and allow us to have convenient storage all in one location.

Currently, plans are in development to bring it all to fruition and renovate this wonderful 1870’s building, bringing it up to 2017 Ohio code. That means, at this time, we are asking for help from our community through donations and volunteer man hours. Our goal is to raise $300,000.00 which includes paying off the mortgage and covers the cost to make necessary renovations to complete the project. Our generous community has always risen to the cause when needed. Take a good look around. The pride of this community shines through every facet of our lives. Please consider supporting this worthy cause with your generous donation to insure the success of this project which will make a wonderful addition to our proud community.

Online Donations

Choose a plan below

Plan A – Giving Tree

Select a “leaf” option below to donate your desired amount.

Your tree will be located in the main entrance of museum.

$ 100.00
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Donation Total: $100.00

Plan B – Engraved Brick Paver

Select the type of brick you wish to donate.

Pavers will be located in the Hall of Honor’s connecting corridor.

$ 150.00
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Donation Total: $150.00

Plan C – Corporate and Personal Donors Plaque

Select a level of donation below.

Plaques will be located in the Hall of Honor corridor.

$ 2,500.00
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Donation Total: $2,500.00

Plan D – Preset or Custom Donation

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Donation Total: $10.00